Terms of use

Manga Master Continuous Annual Service Agreement

  1. Acceptance and modification of the Terms of Service This Agreement is an agreement between Manga Dogs Users and Manga Master regarding the use of the automatic renewal commission service provided by Manga Master. This Agreement describes the rights and obligations between Manga Master and its members regarding the use of the Service and related aspects. members’choice of use of the Service will be deemed to be a binding agreement on the terms of this Agreement
  2. Service description 2.1 The service is for the members of the demand for automatic renewal, members have opened the service under the premise of the members to avoid inadvertent or other reasons leading to failure to renew the charges caused by the introduction of services. members of the VIP is about to expire From the members account balance in the next charge of the next billing cycle fee collects the chargeback fee for the next billi 2.2 Automatic Renewal Specifically, Manga Dog cycle of the member through the above account The member shall be responsible for the failure o the renewal fee due to the insufficient balance of the deductible in the account

  3. Rights and obligations of both parties 3.1 Manga Master deducts the annual fee for the next billing cycle through the members account. It should be deducted on the same day and the money will be credited to the members payment record and the members validity will be extended accordingly 3.2 Manga Master may change or modify the contents. rules and terms of this Agreement in accordance with its business or technical upgrades. Manga Master will present the changes on the relevant pages of Manga Master before making such changes or modifications, But no obligation to do separate notice. If the Member does not agree to the modification of this Agreement, it may cancel the service that has been acquired and cease to use it. If the Member continues to use the services provided by Manga Master, it shall be deemed that the Member has accepted all modifications to this Agreement 3.3 If the Manga Master annual service price is adiusted at the time of automatic renewal, the prevailing prevailing price shall prevail 3.4 Manga Master does not charge any fees for members to open this service, but Manga Master has the right to decide whether to charge the service itself or to adjust the automatic renewal period and expense according to business needs or market changes, and to publicize the members on the relevant page

  4. Term of agreement expires 4.1 This Agreement shall enter into force upon the acceptance or use of this Service by the Member until termination of the Service/cancellation of membership 4.2 Members have the right to choose to terminate the service at any time in the App Store account settings. After the termination of this service, Manga Master will cease providing the service to the membel

  5. breach of contract 5.1 If a party defaults, the parties have the right to be compensated through a dispute resolution agreed upon by both parties
  6. Dispute resolution and legal application 6.1 Manga Master and Members shall resolve the dispute arising from the fulfillment of this Agreement through friendly negotiation and shall not be resolved by negotiation. Each of them shall have the right to refer the dispute to the action